Gathering Evidence

As part of our experiential learning objectives, every student needs to create a portfolio that showcases their knowledge, skills and attitudes/values learned from the experience. I have been working on this portfolio for the past week and have already gathered so much evidence from my internship, city living, and academic experiences. For example, in my internship, I wrote my own press release — with a little assistance from my coworkers. I also created my own survey and presentation, which will also go into the portfolio. These are only examples of my internship work, when I include my academic and city living pieces, it’s going to take a huge folder!

Many of my city living experiences are documented on this blog, but there are also many that were not. In order to fully show my city living experience I will create a collage of all the different places I visited this semester. I would have never thought that I would have accomplished so much in a short period of time. From going to Washington DC to New Jersey there were so many trips my classmates and I took. It gives me a different perspective on life. Clearly I have the ability to travel and have never taken advantage of it. I can easily take a weekend off and go visit some attractions near my school. It is all possible.

When thinking about my academic work, it was not as expected. I didn’t think that I would be reading books that relate to my everyday life experiences. In school all we did was read from textbooks, there was no creativity whatsoever. Here, I read about social media, brand relevance, being different and creating value. These are the things that matter today, not textbooks.

As of now, I have removed myself far from the student mindset and have set myself on the entrepreneurship track. Here, I have realized that I do not like taking orders. Rules and regulations aren’t for me. I do not need someone to tell me what to do because I know what needs to get done and I will get it done. 

In my 21st Century Entrepreneurship class, I will have real tangible evidence such as:

  • A Nightclub business website
  • A business card
  • A value proposition for the business
  • A plan to execute this business

I would have never had this idea set in my mind if I had not arrived to The Philadelphia Center.

And if it wasn’t for my Urban Political and Social Systems, Issues and Practices, City Seminar, I would not have opened my eyes to the socioeconomic issues we face in the United States. Our health care is out of service and the housing crisis has not been resolved. We see the homeless everywhere and I can’t help but to think that I am privileged and at an advantage because I do have somewhere to live.

Sharing ideas and thoughts with all my classmates is interesting. I love listening to other people when they have something valuable to say. They might see an issue from a perspective that was not even in my mind. Overall, great semester could not have picked a better program! Now back to work on my portfolio.

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