Sports News!

What I have noticed this month is that Philadelphia is a sports oriented kind of city. Some people are extreme fans of these teams. For example, the Philadelphia Phillies; the Phillies are the face of baseball for Philadelphians. These supporters believe in the Phillies 110 percent. Nicole, my roommate from last year, is from Philadelphia and we would have nonstop conversations about her love of the Phillies. She is a fanatic, but it may just be because they usually win and it’s nice to claim to be with team that wins. During my stay in Philly this semester, I am thrilled to know that they are in season. Everyone in the Philadelphia center is going to go see them play!  Now I get a chance to see firsthand why Philadelphians love them so much. My coworkers have told me that their games are intense and are sure that I am going to have a great time. I will definitely bring my team spirit!
Growing up in California, the only baseball teams I heard about were the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels(now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). Two summers ago I went to an Angel’s game for the first time and had seen so much red and white! The Angel’s stadium was swarming with people. As the game started, an adrenaline rush ran through my body and I was excited. But after a while, I wasn’t the least bit interested nor excited. My first baseball game and it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I was somewhat bored watching the pitcher take more than five minutes to fling the ball at the batter. I realized that day that I like watching fast going kind of games or maybe it was something else. Looking back, I guess it depends on the people you hung out with.
There are three kinds of sports people, those who are unaffiliated and enjoy watching any game, those who have their team and don’t flaunt it, but enjoy a game and lastly we see that there are people out there who are pimped out from head to toe with their team’s colors who love watching the game. When I go to the Phillies game, my goal is to sit next the pimped out person who is going to help me maintain that adrenaline rush throughout the game. These extreme fans make any game fun; I just hope that the Phillies don’t lose, or else I’ll be sitting next to an angry or depressed person. I’ve attended other sports events where this has happened; some people get ridiculously attached to their teams that they end up breaking down when they lose. There is this book I read for my Entrepreneurship class, called The Element; the author, Ken Robinson writes “being a fan is about being partisan; cheering or jeering and finding joy in victory and agony in defeat.”  And this is what I would see at sports events, games, and parties.
Last Sunday, a dozen TPC students attended a Philadelphia Union game. The Philadelphia Union soccer team is fairly new founded just four years ago in 2008. They played the Colorado Rapids at PPL Park, a huge stadium located in the banks of the Delaware River in Chester, Pa. We had a great time, the environment was energetic and it was a beautiful day out reaching the high 70’s. In their first goal, the stadium lit up and threw fireworks up in the air for about five minutes, it was great! At the end of the day, the Union did not win, but it was a great experience to just get out of the apartment for a bit and enjoy a little piece of Philly.      

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