Teaming Up for an Eventful Semester

It’s been a little over a month since the program started and it has been going fantastic! I like the feeling of meeting new people and getting to know different opinions. Out of all the 48 students this semester, I am the only student from Allegheny College. I never thought about it being intimidating at all, I began to make friends with those around me and we made instant connections. Everyone is easy to talk to and friendly. Over the past few weeks there has been a weekly bible study that many students have invested their time to attend. It is fascinating to me that one religion can bring many people together.

On Thursdays, The Philadelphia Center has an installed Thursday programming. This is a space that has been reserved for certain events. Events that have taken place in the past few weeks include: Theatre and Improvisation, Board Game Night, and Discover Philly. As a project for my internship, my co-workers and I will be presenting in April as part of the Thursday event. After two years, economists at the Bureau of Labor have finished analyzing massive amounts of data and the employment projections for 2010-2020 came out this February. Therefore, my presentation will include the most recent data that the BLS has and will be able to present relevant information to the students at the TPC. I will try to form the presentation around their majors and career options so they can see that the BLS has a lot of significant information that they can use in the future. So that is my biggest project and I am looking forward to it!

It has been an exciting week here in my internship. I work in the office of Economic Analysis and Information, which is known as the EA&I. There are four other economists here that work together as part of a team to analyze, fact check, and provide customer service on a daily basis. Although I have worked with teams at school, I have never seen teamwork like the one that is present here. They cooperate and inform each other on many types of issues, meetings, and presentations. To me, they are completely in sync. On Monday, as I was helping look over a presentation that has been put together, the EA&I team received an unanticipated email. Apparently the event that they were asked to come in and present to had been cancelled. This of course, made the office environment a little tense.  Even though some bad news came their way, the team picked up their spirits and went on and worked on the presentation. This was mostly because they were set to present to their own coworkers on Tuesday as a trial run. So although they did not have a presentation to go to in March, they did their best to finish the presentation and present the next day. This was a moment where you begin to realize that not everything goes as planned. There are glitches and unexpected events that alter the plan. But sitting down and sulking around about it is not going to help. As I saw the team gather everything together, I remembered a quote “the show must go on.” And that is exactly what happened on Monday. It was incredible to be able to experience it.

On Tuesday morning the office was busier than usual. In the office, the economists were walking in and out of the conference room. They got help setting up the computer and I helped bring in all the materials. A crowd of twenty filled the room in a couple of minutes, there was a certain interest with the presentation they were about to give. And like a show at a theatre, the curtains opened, and the show began.


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